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What You’ll Find with One More Question

  • Essays on writing, pitching, publishing, and everything else.

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  • Q&A’s with writers and editors

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We must keep writing. Join me?

You’re still here! Yay! OK, now allow me to introduce myself…

I’m Britany. I’m a writer and an editor with over a decade of experience on both sides of the desk. I believe well-told stories have the power to change the world. You can find my work in The New York Times, CNN, Sierra Magazine, Lonely Planet, Oregon Business Magazine, and elsewhere.

I’ve never been the kind of writer whose hand shoots up when someone says, “We have time for one more question.” I’m kinda shy. I prefer to work behind a screen. But I feel a sense of urgency lately. I’m slowing turning into that “one more question” writer. I believe that writers have an especially important job to do right now. And whether or not you’re already a “one more question” kind of writer, I’d like to stand next to you and keep pushing for more answers. I hope I can do that in your inbox from time to time.

The world is changing. Our industry is changing. It’s all happening really fast.

But that’s exactly why it’s never been more important for you, and for me, to keep at it. We need your work. We need your art. Because when we look back on yesterday tomorrow, or today six months from now, or next week five years from now, we need to see stories from every angle, from every perspective, on all the little things that might not seem important, and all the big things that feel too big to write.

Writing is hard. It’s especially hard today. It probably won’t get any easier tomorrow. But let’s do it anyways.

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